Humanities Division Computing Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program provides an option for Humanities affiliated groups to gain access to the web, data, and file hosting resources that the Division maintains centrally. These are production level services hosted on Humanities owned equipment on campus in IT Service's 1155 Data Center. 

Hosting Options

Basic Content Management System Hosting: $1000/yr

  • Current generation CMS hosting (Drupal 8/9 & WordPress)
  • Legacy CMS versions (Drupal 7 -- for existing users only)
  • Up to 50GB of storage space for web related file uploads, etc (larger quotas available -- contact us for details)

Advanced CMS + Data Hosting: $1500/yr

  • Everything from Basic
  • Advanced CMS hosting (direct access for theme and modules, additional development/staging options)
  • Custom LAMP hosting (generally for applications built by third party vendors, ask us for more details about this)
  • FileMaker database/application hosting

Advanced Hosting with content updates: $2000/yr

  • Everything from Advanced
  • Access to hcs-web content update service for static, WordPress, or Drupal sites.

About our CMS hosting

  • We support and maintain network installs of WordPress, Drupal 7, 8, and 9. We can sometimes accomodate other types of systems but there may be additional fees or restrictions depending on the details of the project.
  • You may have as many sites as you like of either type (within reason)
  • We handle machine, operating system, and web server maintenance & security updates. If you are using our shared web platform we handle all application level security updates and support. If you are using custom themes or custom applications written by third parties we provide hosting only. An active maintenance agreement with an outside vendor is required for these cases.
  • Content Updates: You are responsible for adding initial content and making content updates. The Advanced+Updates tier includes access to hcs-web, our email based content update service. (you can email instructions in English and we will perform the updates)
  • WordPress themes: We have a number of WordPress themes pre-installed for you to choose from. If you would like to find, buy, or commission a new theme we can discuss what that would look like and what the support options are.
  • WordPress plugins: We have a large number of commonly used WordPress plugins. We will install most new plugins from upon request.
  • Drupal themes: We have Drupal 8/9 themes that match University branding. We can generally host Drupal solutions built by third parties, but with limited support. We generally can't make changes to third party applications. Third party Drupal customizations require an active maintenance agreement with the third party vendor.
  • We will coordinate with third party WordPress or Drupal site/theme developers to make sure that their sites will work in our environment.
  • Affiliate services are run on the same equipment and software that our core divisional services are run on. This is a cluster of web servers designed for high performance and high availability.
  • There is no SLA for the affiliate program, however, if it is any consolation, if your site is down then our sites are probably down too.
  • Humanities Affiliate Drupal Hosting Guide

Other Services

Storage Space: 50GB storage shared across all services included, Additional storage is available for a fee on a case by case basis. Contact us at for details.
Colocation/VM hosting/server & research backup: Provided via case by case contracts. Contact us at for details.
Consulting, Drupal coding/configuration/theming, etc: Provided via case by case contracts. Contact us at for details.
Calendars: Free calendars are available through the University's free Bedework calendar. Our Drupal and WordPress sites have custom Bedework integration options to make embedded Bedework calendars on your site look great.
Backup: Data backup and restore is included with all services at all tiers.


Eligibility for the Humanities Division computing affiliate program is determined by the Humanities Division. In general eligible groups are University of Chicago units with connections to the Humanities Division. Contact us at for details.